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E·Z Schedule is the affordable, easy-to-use appointment scheduling software you've been waiting for. Designed for the small professional practice and similar service environments, E‑Z Schedule Appointment Manager provides a flexible and user-friendly interface allowing easy scheduling of your Client appointments, non-Client tasks and staff breaks. With a host of standard features plus a wide array of optional features (such as SMS text reminders , Custom Label Printing , Cloud access to schedules, Cloud backup and PDF forms fulfillment), E·Z Schedule is the one-stop solution for all your business scheduling needs.

E‑Z Schedule Provides Comprehensive SMS Texting Support

E‑Z Schedule Appointment Manager provides optional enhancements that allow our users to send SMS text appointment reminders, preloaded and ad-hoc messages to their Clients' cellphones. 
This powerful E-Z Schedule service can quickly  modernize and simplify your Client communications. 

Please contact our support team for a quick demonstration of the text messaging service and available options.

Welcome to E·Z Schedule!

Calendar software can be expensive, but with prices starting at $$$$$$$ for a license supporting up-to five (5) concurrent users, E‑Z Schedule Appointment Manager is the most affordable solution to your Client scheduling needs!

E‑Z Schedule Appointment Manager was designed specifically for the small to mid-sized professional practice and similar service environments which require the scheduling of recurring appointments for staff at multiple locations. E·Z Schedule is the perfect appointment scheduler for any service-related business with a repetitive Client base - accountants, doctors, dentists, lawyers, therapists as well as instructors, counselors, trainers and personal care specialists!

E‑Z Schedule Appointment Manager is network-ready allowing multiple users to access and update staff schedules. E‑Z Schedule, as its name implies, is user-friendly, highly intuitive and can be installed and running in minutes!  A simple and flexible configuration facility allows you to customize E·Z Schedule's appearance to meet the exact needs of your practice.

and Weekly schedule views provide a simple point-and-click interface which allows quick manipulation of Client appointments, non-Client related tasks and staff break times.

A Group View allows the grouping of multiple employees so that their schedules can be displayed side-by-side for any one calendar day.

An expanded Client View provides quick access to all your Client demographics and a means to send canned, free-form email and (optional) SMS text reminders.

Daily Schedule Preview
  Weekly Schedule Preview
  Group Schedule Preview
  Client Summary Preview

Daily, Weekly and Group reports provide hard  copies of your staff schedule and individual daily schedules can also be uploaded to the cloud or E‑Mailed on demand. E‑Mail, Postcard and (optional) SMS text reminders can be generated for upcoming appointments and there's even a Client mailing label generator for the holiday season!
Daily Report Preview
Weekly Report Preview
Group Report Preview
Additional features include a simple way to confirm your Client appointments, a quick search utility that finds past and future Client appointments across all schedules as well as open schedule times, Client alerts, backup/restore facilities and an optional warning to prevent double-booking.

To facilitate the loading of your Client data, there are simple procedures available to import data from external sources by mapping data fields from MS Excel (XLS),standard dBase (DBF) or Comma Separated Value (CSV) text files into E‑Z Schedule's Client database.

Additionally, you can easily export Client data and schedule data to CSV, XLS and DBF files for use in mail-merge and other applications.
Customization Services

Click here for information on how E‑Z Schedule can be customized to meet the specific needs of your practice. A small download is available to demonstrate how easily custom-developed modules can be integrated into E‑Z Schedule.

Technical Support

Our technical support representatives are on hand to assist you in configuring E·Z Schedule to best meet the needs of your practice before and after your purchase.  Upon purchase, you will have 60 days of free support after which there is a nominal annual fee which entitles you to regular support as well as free program updates as they become available.

Download Your Free Copy!

A fully functional evaluation version can be downloaded for your convenience. The evaluation version will not expire and allows you to use all system features for 30 full days of scheduling. The software can easily be unlocked providing unrestricted use by purchasing your license.

Purchase Information

Once you try it, we're sure you will agree that E‑Z Schedule Appointment Manager is the low-cost, high value answer to your Client scheduling needs. Click here to purchase your E‑Z Schedule Appointment Manager license now.